June 14, 2010

Icons Will Travel

I love making gifts for the ones I love. We had a double birthday party for my brother, Chris, and my BIL, Rob, yesterday at my parents' house. I think my bro was very surprised to open his box and find these:

Now, they may just look like four simple bags to you, but they are oh so much more to Chris. I even believe he remarked that he would be the envy of his friends because of these little suckers! So, what are these bags for? Well, they are protective cases for the religious icons that Chris paints.

My brother is a seminarian, preparing to become a Catholic priest. I am excited to attend his Deaconation in October! He has always been an artist, and recently he has taken up icon painting. He made this icon for my mom. Isn't it beautiful?

Chris made this icon for my dad. The photos simply do not do these pieces justice (especially since I'm still photographing with my Blackberry - I forgot my camera cable at home!).

The icons fit snugly and securely into these soft flannel bags. Chris often travels with his icons, so these bags will be quite handy in keeping them safe from nicks and scratches. The bags measure about 13"x 11" with a 3" flap. To give the bags a little padding, I also lined them with flannel. My future icon bags will most likely include a layer of batting to add some extra cushion (Yes, I will make more for you, Chris!).

This was such a simple project, especially since I used a handmade icon bag that my brother already had as my inspiration (Chris, you'll have to help me credit this person - I forgot to ask you before you left!).
I love giving presents to people, but I absolutely delight in giving homemade ones - especially when I get such a smiley reaction from the recipient, like I did from Chris! Happy Birthday, Christo! I miss you already!


  1. Wow! The icons are amazing.
    The art history major in me loves them very, very much. Such a gift to be an artist and a priest. Wow!
    (and Shelly, the bags are perfect!)

  2. Wow! He is supremely talented, Shelly.

  3. Wow, those paintings are really beautiful! What a talented family!