June 2, 2010

For Some Lucky Superboy and Supergirl

A sewing funk? Yep, I'm definitely in one of those. It is taking me forever to finish anything these days. But, this project was quick and satisfying - superhero capes! My friend, JoAnn, invited me and Chris to the auction for her daughter's kindergarten. It looks like a super fun time, but we'll be out of town for the big event. So, I offered to make a couple of superhero capes for the auction to show my support.

Let me tell you, this was the first girlie superhero cape I have made and I loved it! Charlie refused to model the girl's cape, but Marcus didn't mind.

Look at those two! Don't even ask me about the bribery I had to use to get them to stand there so still.

It is difficult to see the lining of the boy's cape - it is an orange-yellow-blue-green stripe (you can see it peeking out of the bottom a bit). Charlie was so enamored by this cape, but understood that it was for "chairdee" and helped me fold it up and place it into a bag after he modeled it for me. The blue butterfly lining of the girl's cape is my new favorite. If you click on the picture you should be able to see the detail - so cute!

I've been tossing the idea around in my head about starting an Etsy shop. I'm thinking that I would start small with made-to-order superhero capes. Here's my big question for you: How much would I charge for one of these little numbers? Any feedback is greatly appreciated!

Tomorrow we're off to Chicago for a couple of weeks. I plan to do some "on-location" sewing, though - especially because my mom wants to practice with her new machine. Wish us luck on the airplane - we'll need it!


  1. thank you so much shelly these are awesome! your models are especially cute.

  2. Super Cute! JoAnn sent me the link to this. I am trying to save the pic off of your blog to use in the online catalog but it isn't working. If you can, can you please send that first photo to me at cswsauction@gmail.com?
    Thanks! Sybil

  3. Hey! I know those guys over at the Community School of West Seattle. What a great school. I would expect to pay at least $30 retail for those, maybe more.

  4. You chose fabulous fabrics for those capes! There are going to be a couple of fashionable new super heroes in Seattle.

    Stickers...lots of stickers for the airplane.