April 18, 2010

Wine Bags, Ruffle Tote, and Wine Charms...Oh My!

A quick post to update you on my sewing marathon weekend. Why did I wait so long to make these things for the auction?! Am I crazy? Wait, don't answer that.

So, Chris calls these "Wine Socks". Hmmm. Not sure if that makes them cute or lame. I figure, since our event takes place only two days after Earth Day, we should have something "green" for auction. Plus, I've wanted to try sewing with a sweater for a while now. These earth-friendly auction items are called "Pretty Pink Button Wine Sock" and "Lovely Little Lady Wine Sock". Yep, I'm going with "Wine Sock". I decided: cute.

And here is the poor sweater that sacrificed its life for the "Wine Socks". (Amy, I love this sweater, and I've worn your gift many, many times... but I've recently decided that I look neck-less in turtlenecks. And, I don't think that neck-less will ever be in style.)

I was feeling quite generous when I donated this charming little lady button in order to spruce up the "sock". I still have one more, so I'm not that generous, I guess.

Anyways, the sweater was extremely stretchy, which made it difficult for me to sew with. There are some imperfections, but hopefully they aren't as bad as I think they are. I didn't make this little owl. Instead I photographed it from a magazine page (Parenting) that I ripped out of the magazine while waiting at a doctor's office. There's my confession - now my guilt is gone. I want to make this owl, but I will find a non-stretchy sweater to use first. I did really like the idea of a sparkly silver sweater owl, though.

Since there was no owl to be made, I decided to try to incorporate some of this stretchy sweater into a bag. I'm going to call this bag "Supergirlie Ruffle Tote". I think that any mom of a little girl will bid on this at the auction - it even has pockets inside! And, you know, a grown-up supergirlie could even carry it because, hey - we live in Seattle.

Did you notice the bias tape? I think this is becoming my signature notion. The lining of the bag is that black polka-dot, and the pocket has a pink strip across the top - totally darling, I wish I had remembered to snap a shot of it!

Wine charms. Lots and lots of little itty-bitty beads. I totally owe Anna, who made about half of these with me and then had to vacuum up about a thousand little beads from her living room carpet a couple of weeks ago. Anna, I love you for doing these things for me.

So, some are butterflies...

And some are ladybugs. Sorry about the dark photos. Trust me, they are pretty cute.

Only two more items to make: clutches and drawstring wine bags. Today I sewed nothing... Because it was 70 degrees and sunny outside... And, you should have seen my yard... So, that's my excuse.

I guess I better bust a move tomorrow.

Night, night!

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  1. Shelly, you are so incredibly creative. I so look forward to reading and seeing your crafts. Can't wait to see what you do next. I'll stay tuned.