April 15, 2010

Hostess Aprons for Auction

Despite a kind of freaky week, I have been sewing like mad. I've finished my first batch of items for the charity fundraiser Chris and I are hosting at the end of this month. This is the first fundraiser we've designed and hosted for The Bo M. Karlsson Foundation, an organization we've volunteered for over the last four years. The foundation provides scholarship funds to women in Nepal who are pursuing higher education. It is a fabulous organization, and our fundraiser will be a super fun silent auction and wine tasting - who couldn't like that?! Especially when there are hostess aprons to bid on, like these which I made from this tutorial. Jona from Fabritopia! graciously gave me permission to make these aprons (using her fabulous tutorial) for our silent auction.

Hostess apron #1 - "Little Birds & Ladybugs"

Here's a close-up - this fabric is absolutely darling, isn't it?

Hostess Apron #2 - "Springtime Sweetheart"

Charlie looked at this one and said, "Mama, that one is for a girl." I replied, "Totally."

Hostess Apron #3 - "Retro Blossom"

I went back and forth over whether the dots should be the trim/tie or the main panel of the apron. I'm happy that I did it this way - I love it!

Hostess Apron #4 - "Cherry Dot"

I'm starting to think everything is better with polka dots (that is, everything except velour pajama pants... please excuse my attire in that photo - it was very late at night when I finished this apron).

Hostess Apron #5 - (Argh, what should I name this one? Help me!)

I was a little unsure about this combo, but this apron turned out to be one of my favorites.

Hostess Apron #6 - "Floral Forest Frolic" (Try saying that seven times.)

This apron is my favorite. I admit that I totally wanted to keep it in my own kitchen and pretend like I had never made it for the auction. But, in the end I managed to restrain myself from being a selfish, greedy apron goblin.

I also have some wine glass charms done (much thanks to Anna - you rock the house!). I'll show you those next time. In the silent auction project hopper are: reusable wine bags, a couple of scrappy clutches, and maybe a set of coasters (?). Um, did I mention that I only have ten days to finish these projects? Whoa. Wish me luck.


  1. These make me even more excited to attend the event! I know what I am bidding on!

  2. so super cute shelly!! will they fits hips of all sizes? i love seeing what you are doing.

  3. Shelly, I love them all, especially with the stylish shoes :) how awesome !

  4. Shelly, your modelling of the aprons is hilarious (different shoes, pants, stances, etc.)

  5. Lovely aprons! You could name #5 "Mocha Truffle". I was eating Theo chocolate truffles while I finished the taxes, and that apron reminds me of those chocolates.

  6. These are awesome Shelly, i love the pictures of the aprons and the close ups of the fabric you are very talented (my mom is a quilter and I totally admire the ability to put fabrics together...its an art).

  7. E! I love your blog - LOVE "the cautionary tale". And, thanks for the apron - name, very appropriate and extra cute! I'm using it!

    Chirsto, I made each one on different nights - sorry, there was no pants, shoes fashion show to speak of. I will take credit for the modeling though - should I hit the runway next?

    Mel, I tried to get you those black shoes with the small strap near the toe - on sale at Carsons, but by the time I received mine in the mail and went to order you a pair, they were gone. Boo. I knew you would like them - too bad your feet are too small to fit into mine.

    Robyn - the strap goes to the back then wraps around the front. The apron is kind of retro-high-waisted, so above the hips. It would look super cute on you - maybe a book club reunion gift? Maybeeeee....

    Thanks Jo & Andrea - Jo, comparing me to your mom is totally flattering, but I'm so not worthy - I've seen what she makes and only hope to be that skilled someday. But, thank you!

  8. LOVE the aprons!! Where do you find such adorable fabric? It's awesome!!

  9. I love those aprons too. They are so cool. Do you have to cook to wear one? Actually, they look more like a hostess apron. Definitely too pretty to mess up with food preparation, but perfect for serving your guest a welcoming drink or glass of wine. My favorite? Hmm, let me see -- all of them.

  10. Shelly, I did respond to the apron you got me for my bday but it looks like it never posted, I just updated my password. Thank you so much for it, I love it and Yes I do love furry animals particulary "dogs" allergic to cats .
    Thank you so much.