April 26, 2010

Auction Success!

Just a quick little update for all of you...

Raise Your Glass!
(our auction to benefit The Bo M. Karlsson Foundation)
was a huge success!

Chris and I are so excited. We are still doing all of the accounting, but we estimate we made over $2000 after expenses - pretty good for a small fundraiser! We had 44 guests, mass amounts of wine, and a whole lotta fun. I was very pleased that my handmade auction items brought in a whopping $300!

I even became quite skilled at the registration desk - you should have seen me rock'n the credit card reader! Jackie and Jennifer were wonderful - they did so much, from food preparation to table set-up to guest check-out. We worked so well as a team, and there is no way we could have managed without them.

Chris was totally in his element pouring wine. He even made fancy framed wine descriptions (complete with regional maps!) for each wine in the tasting.

Chris, Darshan, and Sujan did an amazing job pouring the wine - they were all so charming.

The only thing we forgot to do was take photographs of the event (duh!). Thankfully our friend Stacey snapped these for us. I guess we were having too much fun! Yesterday we spent a good part of our day cleaning up and sorting things out. I had to keep smiling when I looked at this little vase full of flowers. It was such a great night.

We're off on a family vacation this week, but I promise there will be more sewing when I return!

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  1. It was such a fun event. I am so glad we were able to be there to support you guys!