April 13, 2013

a preview of shop scarves!

Chris and I attempted a scarf photo shoot today. To be honest, I'm an extremely awkward model. I can be quite photogenic (sometimes), if I don't think about having my picture taken. However, if I concentrate too much on looking normal, I end up squinting too much and smiling too little - kind of like a smirking Mr. Magoo. Needless to say, for the shop I will be enlisting the modeling help of a very beautiful friend of mine who has a gorgeous, long neck. But, I wanted to give you a preview of a few of my favorite scarves I've made for the shop so far, so here I am in all my awkward glory.

This one is super, super soft and very lightweight. The color is lovely, and the print puts a modern spin on spring flowers. (How am I doing on my product descriptions? I wrote that without even having a glass of wine yet!).

It takes every bit of my self control not to hang this one in my closet. This is a fuller scarf, made with 2/3 yard of jersey (rather than 1/2 yard as the previous one was made from). I like the whole neon trend that is going on, but let's be honest - full-on neon yellow/green does not flatter the complexion of most women. Unless the woman is super tan, that is... and good luck finding a super tan woman in the Pacific Northwest in April. However, this scarf has little bits of neon in it, and when paired the muted colors, it gives a neon pop that flatters and allows the pale lady to participate in this trend. Win-win!

I made one of these scarves for myself. I was totally coveting this print, but I actually did not intentionally make one for myself. What ended up happening is that my quick scissors accidentally clipped the fabric when I was clipping the threads. Quality control required me to keep this one. But, I made two.. so if someone wants to be my twin, this one will be for sale in the shop. Only the top products from starbelly handmade!

My new website should be popping up sometime next week. Hooray!

:) Shelly

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