May 31, 2011

the priest and the puncher

Whoa. It's been a long time. Sorry about the extended absence. We were in Chicago for a couple of weeks celebrating a very special occasion. My brother, Chris, became a Catholic priest on May 21st in Rockford, IL! One of my seamstress projects upon my arrival in Chicago was to alter my brother's alb (which was an extremely anxiety-producing task). All I did was remove the black satin lining from underneath the lace cuff, but I did this TWO DAYS before his ordination! I was so nervous! My brother wasn't, though - he was a total natural, and he will make an excellent priest. Congrats, Fr. Chris!

Here are me and my brother with my husband (also Chris) and my dad just after the ordination ceremony.
I wish I had a whole-family photo because my lovely mom and sweet sister (and her hubby) are missing from this one.
But, check out my handiwork - a nice, clean seam rip!
 The other project I worked on while I was at my parents' house in Chicago was Charlie's costume for his school play. He was The Puncher. According to Charlie, The Puncher does not punch - he instead has arms that transform into a storm trooper and has a hose that shoots peanut butter and arrows.

 Of course, I did not get this information from Charlie until after we had planned his whole costume out over pancakes one morning. I sewed most of his costume using pattern pieces from his Spider-Man costume (circa Halloween 2009) using McCall's M4951.

 Charlie did sew the mask himself, though.

 He was very pleased with the mask, but not very fond of wearing it - even after I cut the eye holes bigger.

He simply adored his boots, though. He chose all of the fabric himself. The black and white fabric is Alexander Henry Baddana. The rest is from JoAnn's.

 He also chose an iron-on patch for the belt.

 There he is with Bad Guy Mummy and most of his pre-k buddies. I can't believe he is done with preschool! Kindergarten, I hope you are ready for The Puncher!

:) Shelly


  1. I love his costume, the boots are so cool .

  2. I have to tell you Rob likes skeletons too:) xoxo.

  3. I'm curious to know what the play was about. Did the kids get to create their own characters? Sounds fun! Congrats to your brother too, Shelly!