August 23, 2010

birthday crown (and a winner!)

We had a big fourth birthday this weekend...

I have declared myself a certified lunatic. I was up at 10pm the night before Charlie's big birthday party, baking cupcakes and making a felt birthday crown. Then I promised myself that next year I won't freak out so much about children's birthday parties (yeah, right!).

I got the idea to make Charlie a crown from both my friend, Anna, who made a very cute crown for her younger son's first birthday and from my friend at Two Pockets who made an everyday crown for her daughter (check it out here!). I only wish that I had remembered that I wanted to make Charlie a crown before the eve of his party. But, you know what happens to me? I get an idea to make something, then I get obsessed and can't sleep until I execute it. I guess that makes me kind of a nut, but I've come to embrace this status.

At least I let my control monster go a little bit and turned over complete creative control of cupcake decoration to Charlie. They look pretty cute, huh? There was minimal candy licking, I promise.

Now for the moment you've been waiting for! Drum roll, please...
The winner of the headband giveaway is... Commenter #12 - Stacey (BergerandDeFries) who said: "I like the thickness of the elastic band, count me in!". Congratulations, Stacey! I'll get your headband to you tomorrow! (PS: My headbands were featured on Mother Lode in the Inspiration Files here. You should totally check out Camille's site. It is awesome! Thank you, Camille!)

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  1. I admired the crown when viewing the b-day party photos on FB. The great thing about this crown is that -- if you temper your obsessiveness as you get older, which I hope you don't -- you can reuse it in a few years, then pass it on to be used by grandkids!

    By the way, the hobo bag Charlie gave me is now home to a tree part matching game I made for the school.

  2. I realize every year on J's birthday that part of me kind of likes freaking out about all the things to do for a birthday party. Be sure to remind me of this comment next year!
    I'm looking forward to the next project on which we will cross paths!

    Happy Birthday, Charlie!

  3. Hi, hope it's OK to contact you here. We would love to include your blog on our giveaway search engine: Giveaway Scout ( Have a look and if interested, use our online form to add your blog ( ). thanks, Josh

  4. Thanks you guys! Josh, thank you for your offer. This is only the second giveaway I've done, and I'm not sure how frequent my giveaways will be. I'll keep it in mind in case I start doing more in the future. :)