May 20, 2010

Thank You Aprons

I know what you may be thinking - More aprons? How many aprons can one possibly make?! Well, you should try making one - you will be hooked! And they make such lovely gifts. I made two of them this week for two very nice girls who deserve pretty aprons.

I gave this one to my friend (and Marcus's nanny) Nicole as a thank you for watching Marcus while I worked at Charlie's cooperative preschool one morning per week this year.

I wasn't sure about putting these two fabrics together at first, but after I finished I thought this might be my new favorite apron. Black-white-blue is such a fabulous color combo!

Then I made this apron, which, upon completion, claimed the title of Favorite Apron of All Time:
This apron is for Anna (yes, you Anna - surprise!). I made this apron as a thank you for Anna because she helps me with all sorts of things. She helped me tremendously with our auction! Plus, she has me over for wine and Survivor every Thursday night, and she makes me yummy gluten-free desserts even though she can eat real desserts. See, I told you she was a nice girl.

The best surprise of all is that I bought the floral fabric when Anna and I took a field trip to Fabric Crush a couple of months ago. I could tell she really liked this fabric when we were there. I bought it under the farce that I'd be making another bag with it, but I've been saving it up so that I could make something for her with it instead. I'm so tricky.

This apron is actually the first thing I've ever made for Anna, but she has made me a few things. My favorites are:

Wool flower hat - I still can't believe she made this and sized it perfectly without even measuring my huge head. This hat is super cute, comfy, and a beautiful color blue (my favorite color!). It was such a sweet Christmas gift. (Charlie took this picture - he's getting good, right?!).

Anna (the original trickster) also made me this darling fabric box for me. She found this fabric at Pacific Fabrics Outlet when we were shopping there a year or two ago. We both loved it, but it was a remnant and she got it all. Then she made me this box out of it! (Note: this box is never empty as shown above. It was ridiculously full of all kinds of junk before I emptied it and photographed it. I can't imagine what I did with all of that *stuff* before I had this thing!).

Just look at how cute this fabric is! Boy, how I wish my children would sit like that for breakfast.

I love gifts, especially the ones that are handmade. Don't you?


  1. Love! Cant' wait until I can put in my order!

  2. Oh, and I thought I would just stick with the one full apron I've already got at the machine but now that I see you modeling aprons again I'm adding one of these aprons to my list. Have you seen United States of Tara---the character Alice?---I think you might be channeling her with all this apron work!
    Maybe tonight is the night I'll FINISH a project of my own :)

    P.S. I want your shoes in the first photo. Please leave them on the sidewalk. I will pick them up.

  3. I am so in love with those shoes, too! I found them at Dillard's in St Louis on the super clearance table for only $30 - a total steal!