February 27, 2010

Scrap Patchwork Lovey

My obsession with my unintentional Frenchy Bag Destruction finally got the better of me. Introducing my Frenchy Bag reincarnated:

aka: Scrap Patchwork Lovey

Yep, I cut my favorite (destroyed) bag apart and made something new from the carnage. Before you start thinking I'm a complete wackadoodle, let me tell you the story of how I went from bag to blankie...

A Tale of Two Nee-Nee's
On the left is Nee-Nee, my older son's treasured lovey. We named this velveteen brown blanket after the blankie my husband had as a child. My younger son has yet to adopt a lovey of his own, and instead covets his brother's (much to his big brother's chagrin). So, I thought my little guy could use a Nee-Nee of his own.
You may wonder what made me look at my sad Frenchy Bag and think, "Nee-Nee!" Well, the day I went to the fabric store to choose the fabric to make my Frenchy Bag was the same day I sipped, grimaced, and poured a fresh cup of coffee into the sink, then immediately took a pregnancy test and discovered I indeed had a bun in the oven (my younger bun!). With my husband working full time and in the middle of a very demanding graduate school program, I kind of freaked out about becoming a family of four. Plus, I plan everything (I mean EVERYTHING), so this delightful surprise threw me for a bit of a loop at first. I spent that next week sewing Frenchy Bag to curb my worries. Then I got excited - a BABY!
So, Frenchy Bag was not just a bag, and unfortunately I didn't discover that until I attempted to repair it and ended up destroying it (yes, I tried to rip out the ugly design and ended up tearing a big hole in the side of the bag). I guess the second lesson I learned from this experience is to think about how valuable something is to me before messing with it.
Now my little guy is cuddled up with his new Nee-Nee, enjoying his afternoon slumber. And Frenchy Bag lives on in what I now believe is a more appropriate form.

One last note - I have some unused parts to repurpose, but not before making a brand new Frenchy Bag! It's a happy ending, after all.

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