February 22, 2010

(Not Doing the) Laundry List

A thin layer of dust has accumulated on my sewing machine since I finished the playhouse teepee. I've been tied up with some non-sewing projects that were definitely not as fun as sewing. To avoid the carpal tunnel syndrome and blurred vision settling into their respective places while I labored away in front of my computer, I did take quite a few daydreaming breaks to plan my future sewing projects. I have some beautiful oil cloth to make a little protective something for my kitchen table chairs, and I'll be outfitting some preschool superheroes soon.

My older son (at age 1!) models a birthday present for his BFF. I'll make similar capes for his preschool classroom with some of my scrap fabric. I know, you are wondering about scraps - I tend to buy more fabric than I need, especially when shopping at fabulous stores like The Quilting Loft, so I have some pretty large "scraps".

But, today I found this! I've been looking for a project to do with my older son (who is totally obsessed and in awe of my sewing machine) while my younger guy naps in the morning. Today Big Brother went to preschool with a toy screwdriver stuck into his waistband, so I'm thinking this project is PERFECT!

Oh, and I have some fix-its to do, too - like the windows on the teepee, some problematic pockets on my favorite bag, and a the roughed-up embellishments on my sons' bean bag.

Speaking of scrapping, here is the beanbag I'm needing to remedy. The fish are made from some of my favorite fabric remnants, but the boys are pretty rough on the bag, and now the fish are starting to fray (Don't be fooled by Little Guy - he is big and burly now). I'm deciding on which strategy I will employ to improve this beloved cuddle spot.

Hmmm... what to do first?! Or maybe I should clean the house? Naw.

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